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BestPricePets.com is an online discount pet store servicing the health needs of pets worldwide (including the USA) since 2009. Please browse our range of discounted brand-name flea and tick, heartworm, worming and osteoarthritis medications to see how we can help your pet. All products are listed and invoiced in US Dollars.

This online pet store is owned and operated by Best Price Pets Pty Ltd, an Australian registered company (ACN 140567264). Our registered postal address is PO Box 300, DAYBORO QLD 4521 Australia. (Please note that we cannot accept mail orders at that address). All orders ship from our warehouse in Australia.


A Word from OUR CEO

Thank you for visiting BestPricePets.com! I would like to take a moment to share a little bit about myself and our company.

Two years ago, I adopted a young German Pinscher, Rhea from a friend who couldn’t cope with her. Rhea came to me with a 101 behavioural problems – or so the previous owner thought. Having experience in training dogs, I was more than happy to take Rhea on and now I have a wonderful, intelligent and beautiful dog, who is indeed my best friend. She follows me everywhere and I wouldn’t give her up for anything!

So was Rhea really a difficult dog? A dog with issues - as my friend put it? Well, my friend does have experience with dogs, but perhaps she just couldn’t quite give Rhea what she needed to be happy. For various reasons, she was not given the love, time, care and attention she needed and deserved. Rhea certainly isn’t a pet for the fainthearted, true to her breed she is a bit of a handful to put it mildly. But she is not a “bad dog”! She was just misunderstood. Hence she suffered from stress and she made sure everyone knew that she was not happy! Rhea is now a happy, content and healthy dog and what she has taught me is that I have achieved this with nothing more than considering her needs and giving her the love and care she deserved. On our blog I will share with you my experiences with Rhea and my training tips that I hope will make your life with your best friend as harmonious as they made Rhea's and mine.

Rhea has also inspired me. Keeping a pet is not cheap and requires life-long commitment and expense. Trying to provide Rhea with the best care, but in an effort not to blow my budget (I just can’t silence the accountant inside) I turned to the internet for her health care needs. After a few bad experiences purchasing pet products online, it was obvious that there was a genuine need for a reliable and affordable answer to the health care needs of our pets. Six months of research later, I teamed up with a veterinarian friend to launch BestPricePets.com as a way of meeting that need.

My dream and mission is to make the best health care available to all pets regardless of their owners’ means, which is why I created Best Price Pets. We endeavour to bring you all the well-known, top quality brands of pet care products that our customers are used to, but at an affordable price to everyone. As a pet lover and owner myself, I understand how important it is to give our pets the best for all the love and affection they give us. And now You can shop with confidence as our service is backed by our Total Satisfaction Guarantee. Also, our resident vet, Dr Chris can provide you with expert advice on all our products and your pet health questions.

I hope you enjoy browsing our site and find what you are looking for. If not, please send us an email and let us know what other products and services you would like to see on our site, and we will do our best to add them in the near future or we might be able to source them for you.

I look forward to having you join our group of happy customers and their healthy pets.

Kind Regards,

CEO, BestPricePets.com


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You are welcome to use our web form to contact us, or alternatively send us an email at sales@bestpricepets.com. We will endeavour to reply to your query within one working day.

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Orders can be placed online via this website. For a ‘how-to’ step-by-step guide, please refer to our How To Order page.

At present we regret that we are unable to accept telephone or mail orders as all payments must be authorized by the customer online for your security.

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Staff Profiles


Agnes is the founder and CEO of Best Price Pets. After working as a qualified accountant for 10 years, she has gotten bored of the cold numbers and decided to follow her dream of making a difference in the life of the animals she feels so passionate about. When not in the office, she can be found out running with her dog Rhea, or involved in dog training and horse riding events.

Dr Chris

Dr Chris BVSc is a registered veterinarian and has been involved in companion animal practice since graduating in 2000. He is a part-owner and the company vet for Best Price Pets. Chris sources our genuine brand-name pet health products from registered veterinary wholesalers. He also provides expert advice on our products and any of your pet health questions. He is on hand to answer any pet health questions in relation to our products.


Rhea is our official company mascot and office dog. As a puppy she enjoyed curling up in the wastepaper bin at her previous owner's office - obviously she was always destined to become an office dog just no one discovered her talents! She has now outgrown the wastepaper bin and was given a proper job and responsibilities to keep her out of mischief, which she takes very seriously (... the job that is not the mischief...)! Her role is to chase birds and lizards and to put a smile on everyone's face!


We will be putting up the profiles of other team members soon.