Privacy Policy respects your privacy and your right to control your own personal information. The following policy statement details how we will safeguard this right consistent with our obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act) of the Commonwealth of Australia, and the Australian Privacy Principles (APP). If you have any questions about this document, please contact us.

For information about your privacy rights and our obligations under Australian law, please contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) (

By accessing this website, or by otherwise dealing with us, you accept and agree with this Privacy Policy.


Types of Personal Information That We May Collect and Hold

We collect and hold the following type of information:

  • Customer Name: Title, First and Last name of customer
  • Company Details: Business Name, ACN/ABN, GST Registration Status (where the customer is a company)
  • Billing Address: Street Address/PO Box, Suburb, State, Country, Postcode
  • Shipping Details: Addressee Name, Street Address/PO Box, Suburb, State, Country, Postcode, Delivery Instructions
  • Contact Details: Phone Number, Fax Number, Customer Website, Email address
  • Login Details: Username, Password, Date/Time of Logins
  • Order Details: Product Ordered, Quantity, Amount Paid, Tax Paid, Date/Time Placed, Order Comments
  • Payment Details: Payment Method, Credit card details (Name, Number, Expiry, CVV), PayPal email address, PayPal account holder details
  • Website Usage Data: Pages visited and products view on the ecommerce website, Favourite products (as selected by each customer)
  • Referral Data: How did you hear about us? (user selected), Referring website/URL i.e. Google,
  • HTTP Cookies: Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Cookies (browser cookies) previously placed on your computer by our ecommerce websites
  • IP Address: Internet Protocol (IP) address of computers visiting our ecommerce websites


We do not collect payment information i.e. credit card or bank details, where you submit an order on our ecommerce websites (such as this one). In that instance, if you choose to pay via credit card or PayPal you will be transferred during the ‘checkout’ process to a third party website for processing i.e. bank, merchant, or PayPal, which will request your payment information directly. If you submit an order with us via another method i.e. telephone or mail, we collect the payment information for processing directly from you.

We may also hold other personal information which you have voluntarily provided to us to assist us in servicing your needs in addition to that we routinely collect.


How We Collect and Hold Personal Information

Collecting Your Information

We primarily collect personal information directly from you through the digital forms present on our websites, such as the ‘Create Profile’ form, which requests your name, address, and contact and preferred login details. Each data field is clearly identified i.e. ‘Last Name’ or ‘Phone’, and will be submitted to us electronically for processing (which usually involves storage in an electronic database) when you click the ‘Submit’ (or similarly labelled) button.

Personal information collected via digital forms on this website is submitted encrypted (via HTTP Secure) to our database, with the sole exception of the Contact Us form, which sends the information to us via plain text email (and is not stored in our database).

We also collect personal information when you submit an inquiry or order via telephone, email, post or other communication. In these circumstances the information will be submitted by you either in digital or paper form, or in the contents of an email, letter or communication. If you have not provided information which we deem necessary to answer a query or complete your order we will request this from you directly.

Other information – specifically the: (1) referring website/URL; (2) HTTP cookies previously placed on your computer by our ecommerce websites; and (3) IP address of your computer – is collected directly from your computer when you visit one of our ecommerce websites.

Please be aware that some software e.g. Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, with which you may access our ecommerce sites, may collect and store data about your use of our websites. Unfortunately this is not under our control – please contact the publisher of the software for more information about how they maintain your privacy while accessing the Internet.

Storing and Securing Your Information

Personal information is stored by our ecommerce websites in online databases. These databases are protected behind several layers of electronic and physical security, employing secure passwords, encryption, firewalls, and restricted access. Our ecommerce servers (upon which the databases are stored) are currently located in the USA (although they could in future be located in the Australia, Singapore, or the European Union). A temporary copy of these databases may also be securely held on our test servers or those of our third party website developers in the United States during upgrades, backups or maintenance.

Personal information is also held in various electronic formats on designated company computers. Access to this information is physically and electronically restricted to employees with appropriate authorisation.

Personal information which you have voluntarily provided to us in addition to that we routinely collect may be held as part of your electronic file in the form of a copy of a communication from you i.e. email or letter, or as a note recorded by our employees.

If we collect payment information (such as credit card or bank details) from you i.e. when you place an order via telephone or mail, we do not hold such information past the successful processing of your order, at which time the payment information is securely destroyed. Such information is only accessible to authorised employees.


Purposes for Which We Collect, Hold, Use, and Disclose Personal Information

We collect, hold, use, and disclose personal information with the sole aim and purpose of servicing your needs and requests as a potential or actual customer of our company.

We use the information that we routinely collect as detailed below:

  • Customer Name and Contact Details are used to respond to any queries that you may direct to our company.
  • Customer Name, Company Details, Billing Address, Shipping Details, Contact Details, Order Details, and Payment Details are used to process, invoice, bill, pack, ship, insure, and track an order for goods and/or services requested by you.
  • Login Details allow you to securely and conveniently view, update and correct personal information, access order and payment histories, and place new orders using your currently stored details.
  • In the event that you ‘opt-in’ to receive marketing communications from us e.g. an email newsletter, Customer Name and Contact Details will be used to provide this service. You are able to unsubscribe or ‘opt-out’ at any time.
  • Website Usage Data are used by us to customize the store to a specific individual’s needs, as well as to improve the shopping experience and product range in general.
  • HTTP Cookies (and other session variables) are used to record progress through the store and maintain a link to the ecommerce website when navigating across multiple pages. The main purpose of this is to allow customers to add items to their ‘cart’, maintain their login, and proceed through checkout. HTTP Cookies are also used to recognise users of our ecommerce websites when they return i.e. so that they do not lose the items in their ‘cart’ during a short absence.
  • Referral Data are used by us to track our marketing efforts i.e. identify sales gained from Google AdWords or other marketing methods.
  • IP address is used as a security measure against fraudulent or malicious use of our ecommerce websites. We may block access or refuse an order based on the IP address of a computer, and in the case of suspected fraud, report these data to Police.
  • Customer Name, Billing Address, Shipping Details and Contact details will be used to contact customers in the event that there was a security breach involving personal information or otherwise where obligated to do so under law.


You are under no obligation to provide us with any of the personal information which we request. However, without some types of personal information we may be unable to provide certain goods or services. For example, without a shipping address, we would be unable to ship your order to you. We are committed to only collecting the minimum personal information necessary to provide a convenient, efficient, and secure service.

Disclosure of Personal Information

Personal information is only disclosed to employees on a ‘need-to-know’ basis, as determined by their area of responsibility. For example, an employee who is only responsible for packing your order will need to know your name, shipping address, and other order details, but would not need to know your credit card number.

Where possible and practicable, third parties will only be provided with de-identified data. However, there are limited circumstances under which we will need to disclose personal information to a third party. These circumstances include:

  • Processing your payment. In order to process a payment we may need to disclose Customer Name, Company Details, Billing Address, Shipping Details, Contact Details, Order Details and Payment Details to our bank and merchant provider, or PayPal. Where we have collected Payment Details directly ourselves, we will need to disclose these to our bank, merchant provider, or PayPal so that we can receive payment.
  • Shipping, insuring and tracking your order. We may need to disclose Customer Name, Company Details, Shipping Details, Contact Details, and Order Details to Australia Post and/or other mail or courier service so that we can ship your order. Specifically, we may also provide your email address to them so that you will receive tracking information after shipment.
  • Customs processing. If we are shipping your order outside Australia (either internationally or to an external Australian territory) we need to provide Customer Name, Company Details, Shipping Details, Contact Details and Order Details to the appropriate customs authority.
  • ‘Opt-in’ marketing. Where you have opted to receive marketing communications from us we may store your first name and email address information with an email marketing service such as Mail Chimp ( We may also use such services in the event that we must contact large numbers of customers i.e. in the event of a security breach. Unsubscribing from the communications will result in your details being removed from the third party’s database.
  • Legitimate accounting, tax, and legal purposes. For example, an external auditor might access customer data to verify sales records by matching payment and customer data.
  • Upgrading, maintaining or backing up our ecommerce servers. We contract with third party web developers and technicians to upgrade, maintain and backup our servers. In order to perform these tasks they require access to our online databases containing personal information.
  • As a result of a change in ownership of this ecommerce website. Where this website is sold, or the ownership otherwise transferred, your personal information may be transferred to the new owner.
  • Suspected Fraud or Illegality. In the event where we suspect fraud or another illegal act by a website user, some personal information that we hold may be passed onto Police in the form of a Police Complaint.
  • Where otherwise required by law or a court.


The above circumstances may involve the disclosure of personal information to recipients located in a jurisdiction outside the Commonwealth of Australia. Instances of this would include the:

  • Provision of Customer Name, Company Details, Billing Address, Shipping Details, Contact Details, Order Details and Payment Details to PayPal. PayPal’s computer servers are located in the United States and some other countries. If you chose to pay via PayPal, some of your personal information would therefore be transferred to, collected and stored outside Australia.
  • Use of some of other third party suppliers which may have computer servers located outside Australia and are involved in the processing of our customer data. Unfortunately we are not able to obtain the details of where all their computer servers reside.
  • Shipping of your order outside Australia. In that instance we will need to provide Customer Name, Company Details, Shipping Details, Contact Details and Order Details to customs authorities and postal/courier services outside Australia.


Please be assured that in all instances we only provide the minimum personal information that would be reasonably required for an internal or external party to discharge their contracted area of responsibility.


How You May Access the Personal Information Held by Us

The majority of the personal information held by us, including your name, address, contact details and order history, can be accessed by logging into our ecommerce websites with your username and password, and accessing the account area. Once logged in, you may also edit the majority of this information to correct or update it. If you have any difficulties correcting or updating your personal information, please contact us via the Contact Us form, email, letter or phone.

In the event that you have purchased under a guest (single use) profile, you will need to contact us (as above) for details of the personal information we hold, or to have it corrected.

We will provide full details upon your request of the personal information we hold about you. You can submit such a request by using the Contact Us form on this website, or via email, letter or telephone. We may request that you provide certain information to allow us to positively identify you as the owner of that personal information i.e. full name, previous order details, shipping address used etc. Once you have been positively identified we will provide a personal information report within 30 days.


How You May Correct or Update any Personal Information Held by Us

If you believe that any personal information which we hold about you is incorrect, please contact us by the same means as outlined above for accessing your personal information (and include information which will allow us to positively identify you).

We will consider your request to correct your personal information, and provide you with a response within 30 days. If we decide that we do not accept that the personal information that we hold about you is incorrect, we will provide reasons.


How You May Complain About Our Handling of Your Personal Information

If you have any concerns, queries, or complaints concerning our handling of your personal information, or are concerned that we have breached the APP or other registered APP code, please contact us directly in writing via the methods listed below. We will endeavour to identify and respond to your concerns within 30 days.

To submit a complaint:

  1. Use our Contact Us form. Please use ‘Privacy Complaint’ as the ‘Subject’, or
  2. Email us at Please use ‘Privacy Complaint’ as the subject line.

If you are dissatisfied with our response to your complaint, you may wish to lodge a privacy complaint directly with the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC). Please refer to the OAIC website for more information about making a privacy complaint.