Revolution Cat 5-15lb (2.6-7.5kg) 6 pack [blue]


Product Description

Revolution® is a convenient monthly, topical (spot-on) medication for cats that:

  • Prevents heartworm disease.
  • Kills adult fleas and prevents flea eggs from maturing.
  • Treats and controls ear mites.
  • Treats and controls intestinal roundworm and hookworm.


Once applied, Revolution® enters the bloodstream through the skin. A reservoir of the medication is held within the body to give month long protection against internal and external parasites. So a single application in front of the shoulder blades is all you need for protection against fleas, heartworm, and other parasites. No more pills, sticky sprays, or multiple products!

Revolution® is quick drying, non-greasy, and waterfast, with no unpleasant odor, so you can cuddle and play with your pet as soon as it dries. Revolution® is water-resistant by two hours after application - great for pets who love water!


Revolution® is safe for kittens from 6 weeks of age. Use only as per label directions.

Directions for Use

Depress the cap to puncture the seal on the vial, then remove the cap to apply the product. First, part the hair on the back of your pet at the base of the neck (in front of the shoulder blades). Then apply the entire contents of the vial directly to the skin in one spot. Do not massage the site, and avoid contact between the product and your fingers. Do not apply when coat is wet. Bathing or shampooing your pet two or more hours after treatment will not reduce the efficacy of the product. Treat once per month, using a vial size appropriate to your pet's bodyweight.

Other Product Information

Produced and packaged for the Australian market by Pfizer. Package units are marked in kilograms (1kg=2.2lb). Active ingredient, concentration and dosing are identical to US and other international versions. Active ingredient: selamectin. All products are supported by our Total Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Product Reviews

  1. Have used Revolution for years but this site is the BEST PRICE

    Posted by Cynthia on 4th Oct 2015

    I have always used Revolution for my cats. Recommended by our Vets. I am really writing in about this web site. I have always searched around for the best price and now that I found Best Price Pets I always buy my small cat's flea meds from here. I save at least $20 over the cheapest prices on any other site. I was hesitant the first time since this site is out of Australia. Not sure about doing business outside the USA. I have been very happy with the service. The first time I ordered I had a problem getting my order. It turned out that my post office messed up my delivery. The correspondence I had with the people from the company was professional and helpful. I have since made two more purchases. P.S. The price hasn't changed yet. Still $65 for a six month supply. Happy Happy Happy !

  2. Excellent product & customer service!

    Posted by Stacia on 11th Jul 2014

    We have been buying this product for over a year for our two cats, and it works wonderfully! We have never had a problem with fleas. I was a little hesitant at first about ordering from Australia (we're in the US), but the e-mails I sent were responded to quickly and thoroughly. The product always gets here very quickly and we will be back to buy again and again!

  3. Great product

    Posted by Dawn on 7th Oct 2013

    He have been buying Revolution from this site for two years. The service and shipping is quick. The product works awesome. Thank you and I will be back to buy again.

  4. Revolution Rocks! So does Best Price Pets.

    Posted by K W Kitty on 22nd Jun 2013

    I have been using Advocate on my three cats for 5 years and was extremely happy until it just stopped working. Within 30 days cats (and house) were infested with fleas and one cat had a severe case of ear mites. After reading all the reviews I decided to give Revolution a try. Order arrived in less than two weeks and within 24 hours of application the scratching and biting had stopped and there was no sign of fleas. It took a little longer to get rid of the ears mites but they're GONE! I'm sold on Revolution and the service and price from Best Price Pets. I'm back for a refill. Give Revolution a try, it's incredible.

  5. Best Price Pets and Revolution are the Best!

    Posted by Nina on 7th May 2013

    I've had a great experience ordering from Best Price Pets and am back to re-order Revolution.

  6. Exactly What We Wanted

    Posted by JF on 30th Jan 2013

    When I looked for my options for buying Revolution, I have to admit I was a little apprehensive when I thought about buying from Australia. I placed my order and waited. About two weeks later the package made it to my house. It was as expected and we are happy. This will definitely be our site for pet medicine.

  7. No fleas!!

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Jul 2012

    We have been using Revolution for 2 years now. We have no fleas at all. Works great. Ear Mites are gone now. Awesome stuff.

  8. Revolution for cats

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Sep 2011

    This works better than the pills. I gave my cat roundworm pills and he continued to cough as though he had worms in his lungs and he could not jump higher than a chair. Then I used Revolution. After that he stopped coughing completely and now can jump whereever he wants to. He looks very healthy now.